British Canoeing & the National Water Sports Centre join the AQUA scheme!

Really pleased to announce that we have British Canoeing on board and working with us to promote Check Clean & Dry biosecurity and working to be part of the AQUA accreditation scheme. They already carry out a huge amount of biosecurity, awareness raising and INNS work, such as their volunteer bug buster campaign to recruit biosecurity champions, so it seems a perfect match up! They have a great link with North Wales Wildlife Trust who bring a wealth of INNS & biosecurity expertise to the party!

Below is a comprehensive guide for biosecurity protocols which can already be found on their website. Really pleased to have you on board (Pardon the Pun!!)…I will stop using that pun, apologies.

Looking forward to being able to present the AQUA award to you in the, not too distant, future!!

Remember to clean all kit before leaving and entering new sites!!


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