Huge congratulations to Bristol Corinthian Yacht Club for their silver AQUA award!!

BCYC  is taking part in a pilot scheme run by APHA (Animal & Plant Health Agency  and the Bristol Zoological Society and funded by a EU RAPID LIFE project to help reduce the spread of INNS ( Invasive Non-Native Species) species within the UK.  BCYC are regularly checking their waterbody for INNS, adhering to a strict policy of biosecurity, they have wash-down facilities on site and check all the boats are clean prior to going on to the reservoir, plus actively promoting the Check, Clean & Dry message with all their members.   Great efforts!

There are currently an initial 60 waterbodies across the South West of England involved in the scheme. 48 sites have been accredited, including all Bristol Water lakes.  Only 4 sites received a Silver Award, the other 44 attaining a Bronze.

What can you do?

The main 3 things you can do are as follows;

  1. Check, Clean & Dry all kit before and after use  – Biosecurity
  2. Record and communicate any INNS or unidentified species that you may come across.
  3. Get involved with a local conservation group to help conserve and protect biodiversity

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