Welcome Back to AQUA!!

Well we are back! The AQUA team have been busy creating links and relationships with landowners, groups and site guardians in readiness for AQUA Accreditation in October 2020. Really looking forward to getting the Awards to you all involved.

Just a few extra forms to fill out and some evidence gathering and we are there!

Huge congratulations to you all for getting back into the swing of things too, fishing, boating, swimming and various other water based activities, it has been a tough few months to navigate and I am sure getting back to what makes you all happy has helped.

With this in mind we have had a number of Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) sightings at various watercourses so this is just a quick reminder to be vigilant with biosecurity and your groups Check, Clean, Dry campaigns.

Some sound advice to keep your watercourses healthy and clear of INNS!

You are the eyes and ears of your water bodies and are crucial for the fight to Stop the Spread of INNS, thankyou for your vigilance.

A recent example of the problems that can arise involves the Invasive Non-Native ware plant Azolla or water Fern. A bloom of this has been spotted and it threatened to take over the majority of a fishing lake in the region. There is an organisation called CABI (https://www.cabi.org/projects/azolla-control/) that have found that a species of weevil that has evolved naturally alongside Azolla in it’s native range, could be key for it’s control long term.

Winter Form of Azolla or Water Fern- Credit GB NNSS

“One of the UK’s most invasive plants, Azolla or floating water fern causes problems for anglers and water managers. It forms thick mats on the water’s surface which can double in size in a few days, blocking out light and killing aquatic flora and fish. Fragmentation of the fronds makes control by mechanical means virtually impossible. This project involves researching and testing the use of a 2mm-long North American weevil Stenopelmus rufinasus as an agent to control the weed naturally” – CABI.

Keep your eyes peeled and remember to Check, Clean & dry all your kit for continued water enjoyment!

AQUA Team.


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